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 Documentation requirements for International Placement



 Employment Visa
 20 passport size colour photographs with white back ground
 Passport copy, Passport with ECNR

 Medical report by the Kuwait consulate approved doctor with Gamca Slip
 Air ticket for that sector (Kuwait Airways-one way)
 Passport with 6 months validity at the time of departure
 Rs.3000/- in cash towards the visa fees
 Visa stamped passport, Insurance paper

Business visit visa
20 passport size colour photographs with white back ground
Passport copy, Original Passport with ECNR Stamp
Visa Copy, To & Fro Air Ticket.

Residence family visa
20 passport size colour photographs with white back ground,

Passport copy, Marriage certificate and child birth certificate

Attested from Kuwait Embassy / Consulate,
Passport copy of Sponsor, Passport with ECNR stamp.

Medical report by the Kuwait consulate approved Doctor,

Air ticket for that sector (Kuwait Airways -one way)Passport   with 6 months’ validity, Rs.3000/- in cash towards the visa fees

Business visit & Family visit visa
20 passport size colour photographs with white background,

Passport copy, Marriage certificate and child birth certificate attested from Kuwait Embassy / Consulate, Passport copy of Sponsor, Original Passport with ECNR Stamp, To & Fro Air Ticket



Employment Visa
FOR MINISTRY                                                                                       

15 passport size colour photographs, Passport copy, Medical FIT report, for medical staff the candidate must obtain their certificate verification from their medical council and from institute from where studied

15 passport size colour photographs,  Passport copy,
Passport minimum validity 6 months at the time of departure
Air ticket (One Way), Visa copy.

Business visit visa / Family visit   

15 passport size colour photographs, Passport copy, Original Passport with ECNR Stamp, Visa Copy, To & Fro Air Ticket.

Family Residence Visa                                  

15 passport size colour photographs, Passport copy, Sponsor’s details of salary / Job / PP. etc…

Qatar consulate attested Marriage certificate and Child birth certificate,

Original Passport with ECNR Stamp, Visa Copy, Air Ticket.



Employment Visa 

20 passport size colour photographs, Passport copy,
Medical FIT report from GCC Doctor
Passport (minimum validity 6 months at the time of  departure) with ECNR stamp, Air ticket (One Way), Visa copy


Business Visit visa/Family visit
15 passport size colour photographs, Passport copy,
Visa Copy, One way Air Ticket.

Family Residence Visa
15 passport size colour photographs, Passport copy,
Sponsor’s details of salary/Job/ PP. Etc…Oman consulate attested Marriage Certificate and Child birth certificate, Original      Passport with ECNR Stamp, Visa Copy, Air Ticket (one way).



Employment Visa                                                                                     Certificate attestation for employment depends on categories
SSC + HSC+DEGREE / DIPLOMA + PG = HRD + MEA + Notary + General Admin Dept + UAE Consulate. In Embassy (Delhi) Notary + GAD not required

Passport copy, Medical fit report, 10 Passport size photographs,
Passport (minimum validity 6 months at the time of departure) with ECNR       stamp, Air ticket (One Way), Visa copy.


Business Visit visa / Family visit

10 passport size colour photographs,   Passport copy
Original Passport with ECNR Stamp, Visa Copy, To & Fro Air Ticket

Family Residence Visa

15 passport size colour photographs, Passport copy,
Husband’s Passport copy, Marriage certificate and child birth certificate attested by UAE Consulate, Original Passport with ECNR Stamp, Visa Copy, Air Ticket.




Employment Visa

Passport copy, 10 Passport size photograph
Passport (minimum validity 6 months at the time of departure)
Air ticket (One Way), Original Visa ( NOC). First we have to produce PP + visa (NOC) and 2 photos to the Consulate. They will suggest the Doctor name. Medical report will reach directly to Consulate from Doctor on second working day. Visa fee will be Rs.1000/-


Business Visit visa/Family visit 

10 passport size colour photographs, Passport copy,
Original Passport with ECNR Stamp, Visa, To & Fro Air Ticket.


Family Residence Visa      

15 passport size colour photographs, Passport copy, Husband’s Passport copy, Marriage certificate and child birth certificate attested by Bahrain Consulate, Original Passport with ECNR Stamp, Medical by Consulate approved Doctor, Visa Copy, Air Ticket.




Employment Visa

Certificates matching the visa category for attestation
Educational Qualification Certificates to be attested by HRD, Ministry of   External Affairs and Saudi Embassy, New Delhi.                                               

For senior categories like Managers, Engineers, Accountants, System   analyzer, Computer Programmer and all Medical Staff requires Saudi Embassy attestation. Passport (Minimum Validity 6 months at the time of departure) with ECNR endorsed on passport, DD of IRs.700/- in favour of Royal Consulate General of Saudi Arabia in Mumbai.


For Medical categoriesà From SSLC all the educational and experience certificates should be attested from Saudi Embassy. There should not be a gap of more than 3 months. (Certificates issued from Foreign countries not necessary to get attested).

Medical report along with GAMCA slip. (GCC Approved Medical Centers Association).  Medical charges IRs.1500/-
2 alternative pages required for endorsing the visa.
NOC (attested from Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Foreign Affairs) for those who came on exit visa. After 1 year of exit it is not necessary.
If any body came on Exit - re-entry visa, NOC is not necessary after 2 years. Driver’s license required for drivers / Equipment Operators, this should be valid. Original Passport with ECNR Stamp, Air Ticket - Delhi Saudi Embassy is not asking Air ticket for visa endorsement.
Religion ratio for group visa (More than one visa) - 50% Muslim
Butcher and Baby sitter - only Muslim for visa endorsement.


Family Residence Visa                                                

PP Copy of wife/kids, Husband’s PP & Iqama copy
Marriage certificate and Child birth certificate attested from Saudi Consulate, Medical has to be done from GCC panel Doctor. Children below 12 yrs, medical is not necessary / Child up to 15 yrs must produce polio certificate. DD for Rs.700/- in favour of Royal Consulate General of Saudi Arabia in Mumbai. Original Passports of the family with ECNR stamp
8 colour photographs each of the family with white background size 6 X 4 cm. Air Ticket (one way), Submission at the consulate by the agent.


Business Visit visa/Family visit
A letter from Indian Chamber of Commerce (under the jurisdiction of the local company), Letter from Indian Co. sponsoring the candidate, this should be addressed to Saudi Consulate. Original Passport, New and old (if any) with an ECNR stamp,  2 photos (6x4) with white background,  DD of Rs.2800/- towards a visa fee for single entry and Rs.7000/- for multiple entry.  Return air ticket (Saudi Airlines or Air India) - not necessary for endorsement

Procedure for certificate attestation for medical staff and other candidates seeking employment in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The following documents are required
Original passport having validity,
Original SSLC certificate with mark sheet - (date of birth and other details must be tallied with passport)
Original Pre-degree pass certificate with mark sheet (If pre-degree certificate Attestation is required)
Original degree/ Diploma certificate with mark sheet of all years ( If these documents attestation required)
One set of Xerox copy of all certificates and mark sheets and passport
One photograph ( Passport size) must carry for HRD attestation

At Delhi the candidate have to first get the documents attested by Human Resources Devolepment Dept.
Address- Opp Bharaitiya Vidya Bhavan,  Kasturbha Ghandhi Marg,
                Near India Gate, New Delhi – 110001,  India.
Timing - Monday to Friday (Except Govt. Holidays)
Working Hours — 10.00 A.M. To 1.30 P.M
Delivery of the attested documents = Same day. (Minimum one hour)

After HRD attestation documents has to be submitted to External Affairs Ministry. One set of HRD attested Certificate copy must carry along with Original certificate to MEA.
MEA address: Patiala House, Near India Gate, New Delhi.
Working days = Monday to Friday (Except Govt. Holidays)
Working Hour: 9.00 A.M. To 4.00 P.M
Delivery = same day (Minimum 1 hour)
For Doctors, Pharmacists and Nurses Certificate attestation, they have to bring their valid Registration Certificate also.

All the registration and experience certificates must be attested from the concerned state’s Notary + General Administration Dept. (Home Dept.)

All the certificates from the state of A.P must be “AUTHENTICATED/ Attested” from the GAD of A.P Ministry (Andhra certificates will not be attested from Delhi HRD without GAD). Certificates issued from Dharward University, Karnataka,   must be attested by the Registrar of the Dharward University before submission to HRD.
All Karnataka issued certificates can be attested from Bangalore HRD also. 
Even if local state Notary + GAD (Home Dept) has done, MEA may put the seal of NO- Responsibility. In such cases the Saudi Embassy will not attest the certificates. When such situation arises, candidate may meet the concerned officer and they must delete No responsibility seal and get a fresh seal.
After securing necessary attestation from HRD & MEA, candidate must carry all their certificates to Saudi Embassy attestation (If necessary)

Saudi Embassy address : Vasant Vihar, Opp. Tagore School,

New Delhi - India
Saudi Embassy Submission timing - 9.30 A.M. To 11.30 A.M.
Monday to Thursday (Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Special Holidays closed)
Delivery of documents from Saudi Embassy - Same day 3 P.M To 3.30 P.M


Delhi UAE  Embassy will take 2 to 5 working days for attestation.
Mumbai UAE will take 2 days only.
Timing = 9.00 A.M. to 11.00 A.M.
Delivery  = 2.00 P.M to 3.00 P.M
Charges Rs.1500/- per certificate, if you need very urgent attestation from Embassy, you have to pay extra  charges.
(Before UAE attestation HRD + MEA +Notary + GAD attestation required)

All Maharashtra issued certificate can be attested from Maharashtra itself.
SSC + HSC - They have to approach their Board and do their certificate verification first (Charges Rs. 200/- to 500/-)
Degree - should be verified from their respective Universities (Charges will be Rs.500/- To Rs.1000/- this depends on the year passed)
After verification they must do the Notary (appointed by Govt. of Maharashtra) charges Rs.50/- approx. and then do the GAD
General Administration Dept. Address = New Admn Bldg, 9th floor,
Nariman Point, Mumbai 400021 - India.
Timing 2.00 P.M to 5.00 P.M (Monday to Saturday), Second Saturday, Sunday and Govt. holidays, will not accept the documents.

After finishing above procedure, the candidate must approach personally to School Education & Sports Dept, 4th floor,                                           Room No. 443, Mantralaya Annexe,
Submission Timing : Monday - Tuesday 2.00 P.M to 5.00 P.M
Delivery : Thursday & Friday 2.30 P.M to 5.00 P.M
For HRD attestation, candidate carry 1 photograph + Original Passport + Ration Card and all Original certificates and 1 set of xerox.

For Kerala
Candidates can do their certificates HRD (Norka) Attestation (only) from Kerala. 

 For more information and Assistance please contact:


 The First & only Registered Attestation Company in India


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Passenger Info - Air Travel

 The most common rules & safety precautions that apply at Indian Airports have been put together in the form of this Docket. We suggest that you read through it carefully and kindly contact your airline/travel agent/respective airports if you have any further clarifications.


Baggage, Dangerous Goods,  Packing Tips, Traveling with Children, At the Airport, Check-in, Safety on the Tarmac, On the Airplane


There are strict rules on items that you can bring into the aircraft. Both carry-on and checked baggage are subject to being hand-searched by the security personnel, especially when the x-ray scan cannot determine its contents. Please be cooperative.


Electronic items such as laptop computers and cell phones may be subjected to additional screening. Be prepared to remove your laptop from its travel case so that it can be x-rayed separately, also get ready to answer the questions about every single content in your travel baggage. Be aware, criminals may use unsuspecting passengers to carry bombs or other dangerous items onto aircraft. So when asked questions such as “who packed your bags?” or “have you left them unattended at anytime?” think carefully and answer the questions honestly.


Carry-On / Hand Baggage

In general, air travelers are limited to one carry-on bag and one personal item on all flights. The lighter one goes into the overhead rack and the heavier one under your seat. The bag or briefcase for the overhead rack should be less than 20 kgs and no larger than 9" x 14" x 22".


The overhead storage bins or area under the seat may not be able to hold heavy objects as it could injure other passengers in case of a turbulence / accident. Therefore, for the comfort and safety of all passengers, it is necessary to limit the size and weight of your cabin baggage. Also, try not to pack more baggage than you can carry.


Articles such as umbrellas and baby stroller are most often allowed. All sharp, cutting and puncturing instruments (including pocketknives, razors and metal scissors) are not permitted as part of you carry-on luggage. So kindly ensure that they are safely & securely packed in your checked baggage, if you need to carry them with you. Other restricted items in carry-on-luggage include knives of any length, sports equipment that could be used as a weapon such as baseball bats, hockey sticks.


Baggage and Baggage Allowance:

Passenger's free entitlement is as follows:

Economy class

Adult or child: 30 kgs

Infant: 10 kgs

First/Executive Class

Adult or child: 40 kgs

Infant: 10 kgs

Baggage weighing more than the free allowance will be paid for by rates calculated per excess kilo of weight.

Dangerous Goods

Here is some precaution you need to take when you pack your bags. Failure to observe these simple facts could endanger you, the aircraft and all its passengers.


  1. Check the items in your baggage for any ‘hazardous’ symbols displayed.
  2. Do not pack or carry firearms, fireworks, flammable materials or pressurized containers such as spray cans, scuba tanks or propane tanks.
  3. There are dozens of materials that are too hazardous to transport on aircraft, which have been known to destroy their surroundings.
  4. Common items used everyday in the home or workplace may seem harmless, however, when transported by air, they can be very dangerous. In flight, variations in pressure, temperature or vibration can cause items to leak, generate toxic fumes bursting out of their containers and setting on fire.
  5. You may check with your travel agent / airline for a list of prohibited or restricted goods.
  6. If you illegally carry dangerous goods on board it could lead to    severe civil penalties, as well as possible criminal prosecution.

Packing Tips

1.     Do not wrap bungee cords, ties or straps around baggage.

2.     Attach identification tags to the inside and outside of the bag, giving destination as well as home addresses. Most airlines provide free stick-on tags.

3.     Keep all medications and high value items such as cameras, jewelry, electronic devices, travel documents and cash with you. Do not put them in checked baggage.

4.     Don't over pack your baggage. This puts pressure on the latches, making it easier to spring open.

5.     Pack your own baggage. Keep them locked at all times.

6.     Don't leave baggage unattended or with someone you don't know.

7.     Watch your bags and personal belongings at all times.

8.     Make sure that you get a claim check for every bag that you check. Don't throw them away until your bags are returned. Not only will you need them if a claim is necessary, but you may need to show them to security upon leaving the baggage-claim area.

9.     Verify that the agent checking your bags attaches a destination tag to each one. Remove tags from previous trips to avoid confusion.

Some companies and travel agencies offer optional baggage                                                                  insurance. Buy "excess valuation" from the airline if your baggage is worth more than the airline's liability limit. 

Traveling with Children

While you make your booking, check with the airline on the kind of arrangements they provide for the safe transport of your infant. You may follow their recommendations for using appropriate arrangements for your child.

  1. Take all essential items for the child in carry-on luggage, including a child restraint system appropriate for their weight. Children under the age of 2 may be carried on your lap, but the child should have some kind of restraint system to ensure safety during flight.
  2. It is advisable to carry your baby on a front pack or a snap-front jacket (Body suits for babies). The baby would then be safely tucked in and strapped to the parent, ensuring optimum comfort & safety.

Make sure you are aware of emergency equipment or procedures          that would apply to your child. It is the responsibility of the parent or responsible adult to take care of children.

At the Airport

  1. Do not leave your car unattended in front of the terminal. Airport parking rules and security measures are being strictly enforced and your car may be ticketed and towed away, if you fail to abide by the rules.
  2. Do not carry baggage for other people.
  3. Do not accept packages from strangers.
  4. If you see unattended bags or packages anywhere in the airport terminal or parking
  5. Lot, immediately report them to airport security.
  6. Report any suspicious activities in the airport or parking area to security or other authority.

It is advisable not to joke about carrying a bomb or discuss terrorism of any sort while going through the security checkpoint. The mere mention of such words can compel security personnel to detain and question you. They are trained to consider these comments as real threats.


Arrive early. Don't check-in at the last minute. Current airport security measures increase the time needed to check-in. For International travel we recommend arriving at least 2 hours before your flight. However, passengers may consult with their airline for more specific arrival times.

  1. To facilitate an on-time departure, we recommend that you allow ample time for check-in. When traveling around holidays or other peak travel times, please allow additional time.
  2. Make more time at the airport if traveling with young children, infants, or disabled passengers. This will reduce stress and a better seat selection.
  3. Reservations are subject to cancellation if you are not checked-in and available for boarding at the gate at the time prescribed prior to departure.

You should be on board and ready for an on-time departure, at least 10 minutes before your flight.

Safety on the Tarmac

Be aware of jet blasts from aircrafts turning or moving on the tarmac. Make sure you are clear on the safest route whether embarking or disembarking. And always keep an eye on any children in your care.
The power of the aircraft engine is enough to raise sheets of iron off roofs. Imagine what it could do to you or your child.

On the Airplane

Safety Briefing

Always listen to the pre-flight safety briefing because every aircraft has different standards. Take the passenger safety card in the seat pocket in front of you and follow along while you listen to the safety briefing.

  1. Make a mental plan of action in case of emergency. If you have any questions about the safety procedures, ask the flight attendant.
  2. Keep your seatbelt fastened at all times. Make sure your seat belt is secured snugly and low across the hips. This provides the extra protection you might need if the plane hits unexpected turbulence.
  3. [Turbulence is an air movement that can be created by atmospheric conditions, including mountain waves or thunderstorms.]
  4. Air turbulence tragedy may be extremely rare but like they say “precaution is better than cure”. So try to keep your seat belts on, even if the seat belt sign is not on.

Emergency Exits

  1. Once you reach your seat, locate the closest emergency exit in front and behind you. The location of the emergency exits in relation to your seat differs depending on the particular aircraft you are flying on.
  2. Take note of the seat rows to reach those emergency exits. In the unlikely event of an emergency this will be very helpful for you to follow the instructions of the flight attendants and flight crew and exit the aircraft as quickly as possible.

Flotation Devices

Life vests (under seat) and some seat cushions can be used as flotation devices. You need to know how to use your life jacket and where they are located, even if it seems like you are only flying over land.


  1. Pull oxygen mask towards you to start oxygen flow, in case of emergency. You will receive the necessary instructions from your air hostess / flight attendant.
  2. Put your own mask first. Help children and others with their masks only after yours are secure. This will decrease the risk of you passing out before being able to help your children or other passengers.

Fire or Smoke

  1. Move away from fire and smoke.
  2. Stay low. The air is clearer close to the floor.
  3. If possible, use wet napkin or handkerchief over nose and mouth
  4. The flight crew will guide you on the proper procedures to evacuation


The atmosphere in a commercial jet cabin is pressurized to 8,000 feet above sea level. Less oxygen is absorbed into the blood and circulated throughout the body due to a decrease in air density with increased cruising altitudes that can reach upwards of 40,000 feet. Therefore, any alcohol you consume will affect you more noticeably than when consumed on the ground-level.

Cabin Air

The cabin air system in most jetliners is designed to provide a safe and comfortable cabin environment. Air supplied into the cabin is at least 50 per cent fresh air brought in from outside the aircraft while the balance is mixed with highly filtered air from the passenger cabin. The air is conditioned for temperature and humidity before entering the aircraft cabin.

Cell Phones, Radios and Laptops

Cell phones, Radios, Laptops and other personal electronic devices have been banned for air-borne use because the signals could interfere with critical aircraft navigational system.  However, the most recent satellite technologies have made it possible for Wireless Connectivity even while air-borne. Kindly contact your Airline to find more details on the usage of electronic devices on board. Sky phone facility is available in all major Airlines.




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