"The Complete Solution under One Roof for your Certificate Attestation Formalities, International Manpower Recruiting Services - Like Passport, Emigration, Medical Assistance, Verifications, Apostille, Air Tickets, Visa Stamping, Recruiting etc."

The First & Only Registered Attestation Company in India, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar operating through a Network of "150" plus Own Offices. No Agents, Sub-Agents or Franchisees.
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As the world becomes more and more technologically advanced, international trade becomes more and more rewarding, both in terms of profit and personal satisfaction..

UROGULF provides enormous business opportunities to small and medium suppliers and allows them to focus on their traditional business activities without increasing their existing workforce. As regards to import and export, you need to submit various documents to customs authorities like Bill of Entry, Import Manifest, Export Manifest etc. Sometimes, it may become necessary to amend the document due to various reasons like change in classification, clerical mistake in document, change in unloading/loading plan etc. In such case, permission to amend these documents have to be obtained from customs authorities. Imported goods are permitted to be unloaded only at specified places. Similarly, goods can be exported only from specified area. We assist you in every aspects and provide you immense opportunities for promoting your specific product line and helps you raise the need for them.

We convert your inquiries into Orders. We see that buyers get instant access to order your products and that you receive higher focus and trust from buyers. We advertise your brand and gain the confidence of buyers . With the availability of specific targeted audience area, you can promote your products, services and brand awareness campaigns with confidence. We thoroughly research and compare prices, terms and conditions from different importers as well as auction agents before making the final decision. Go beyond your competition and improve your ratio of quality inquiries

We conduct in-depth research across the industry to help you track the right trading partner, analyze your competition, determine your market share, explore new potential markets, analyze the price/volume trends, save customs duty and other strategic information which gives you the competitive edge in your industry. Having a global network of more then 150 offices, we with our qualified data research and marketing team can deliver Export Import Business Intelligence Information in most user friendly and cost effective manner.


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