Business Visa to Gulf

Opening a new business or new branch or office in Gulf countries is a dream for many.

business visa to gulf
  • Business Visa is usually given to people who wish to start a new venture abroad or to people who are travelling to another country for business meetings, presentations, material procurement, managing business etc.
  • If you are travelling to any of the Gulf countries solely for business purposes for a short duration, then you are required to get a business visa.
  • Business visa is a non-immigrant visa. It is given to people who travel to the Gulf for business-related matters.

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Need for Business Visa

Business visa to Gulf countries is required for the following circumstances.

  • Starting a new branch of your business
  • Starting a new company or venture
  • Business meetings
  • Participating in business fairs, trade fairs etc.
  • Manpower recruitment
  • Short visit to a nation for some ongoing business project
  • Material procurement

How Urogulf can help in Getting Business Visa to Gulf

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