International Credential Assessment Service of Canada[ICAS]

International Credential Assessment Service of Canada [ICAS] serves as an agency designated by the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship to provide credential assessment services to person applying for Immigration to Canada for higher studies.

international credential assessment service of canada

ICAS report helps you understand and compares the education you completed with the education system in Canada. ICAS report gives educational institutions, employers, immigration officials and other agencies a better understanding of the education you completed outside Canada. They provide credential assessment for all levels of education ie., school, college, (graduate and undergraduate) and technical. There is no need to submit the original documents for assessment service.

The Canada Immigration Assessment Package will be accepted for 5 years from the date of issue. After that you need to update, upgrade or renew the ICAS report. The ICAS report includes the formal education completed from recognized universities. You may required to submit a photocopy of translated copy of your certificates if your certificates are not in English or French. The translated photocopy of the certificate should be complete, accurate and in the same format as the original document.


International Credential Assessment Service of Canada is a mandatory requirement while applying for immigration to Canada. ICAS is needed when you apply for higher studies in Canadian universities or to colleges in Ontario. The canadian education system is different from our educational system. Therefore, they need ICAS to assess the credentials to describe and compares it to the education in Canada . ICAS report is necessary for getting admissions in canadian universities. It is really useful when you search for better employment opportunities in Canada.

ICAS report is necessary for immigration to Canada as a skilled worker. The ICAS report is necessary while looking for a job in Canada. It can also be used for part of the licensing process with some official bodies.

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